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Total Body Balancing

Total Body Balancing Therapy Nassau County NY

Total Body Balancing Therapy Nassau County NY
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Total Body Balancing Therapist Eugene Wood, Located in Wantagh NY 11793, and Massapequa NY 11758

"Total body balancing is a unique full-body evaluation combined with a holistic treatment approach. A total body balancing therapist can use their skills to assess and heal a large number of ailments or simply use it to help improve your body's overall functioning and your sense of well-being."
-Eugene Wood,
Licensed Massage Therapist

The Health Benefits of Total Body Balancing

Total body balancing is a type of holistic healing therapy. It releases any tension that has built up in the body and promotes the flow of energy to each and every part of the body in order to achieve balance and optimize health. It begins will a full-body evaluation to determine the cause of pain or other ailment. After determining the source of the problem, there are five phases of treatment.

The five phases of treatment are all based on the rhythmic mobilization template and classical osteopathic philosophy. The phases take place in the supine (lying on the back with face upward), prone (lying flat, face down), side lying and sitting position. In each of these positions, the long levers of the body (head, neck, arms, legs, and torso) are manipulated. These specialized forms of manipulation in these positions provide numerous benefits for the entire body. Total body balancing treats the body as a whole unit and this is known as a maximal approach. It does not just seek to relieve the symptoms like most forms of conventional medicine.

How Does Total Body Balancing Work?

Total body balancing therapy begins with an extremely thorough evaluation of the body. A therapist looks at factors like any postural asymmetry, active and passive range of motion in the spine, pelvis/sacrum, rib cage, and your hands, feet and other extremities. This allows them to determine the source of the imbalance. All ailments and conditions stem from imbalances in the body.

After evaluation, total body balancing makes use of the parts of the body called the long levers. These are the head and neck, arms, legs and torso. The skilled manipulation of these results in a release of tension in the fascia around muscles, ligaments, bones, and joint capsules. It also works to stimulate circulation around the diaphragm, organs, vital structures like the nerves, arteries, veins and lymphatic system, brain and spinal cord. It even helps to release tension that has accumulated around foreign bodies that may be causing issues.

Releasing all of the tension in the body in this manner creates a state of homeostasis throughout the whole body. Both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems are impacted, along with the lymphatic system, the visceral system (which are your internal organs such as liver, heart, spleen, etc.) and the craniosacral, myofascial,) and musculoskeletal (muscle and bone) systems.

Who Can Benefit From Total Body Balancing?

Truly, everyone can benefit from periodic total body balancing sessions. It is safe and effective for all people from children to senior citizens. The entire process is completely non-invasive, and there is no risk of negative side-effects as there are with reliance on prescription medications. Just a single visit to a total body balancing therapist will leave you with an improved sense of well-being, more energy and feeling great in general.

Sufferers of chronic pain issues or other chronic conditions gain the most benefits - whether you have mild sciatica or severe migraines. Total body balancing therapy relieves pain while helping the body's internal systems to all work properly and together. This does wonders when it comes to dealing with almost any chronic ailment. Your body wants to heal itself and many conditions are indicators that some part of your body or one of your body's systems is out of balance with the rest. Some other conditions that this therapy can help with include:
  • Sports injuries
  • General orthopedic conditions
  • Amputees
  • Respiratory problems
  • A variety of neurological conditions
Total body balancing can also help to improve poor posture and remedy the negative side-effects of having poor posture. It can help with any loss of joint mobility from frozen shoulder or even help people recovering from strokes. It can be used in conjunction with other forms of physical therapy as well and provide pain relief so that other physical therapy tasks can be completed more easily. This will help to speed the recovery process not only with pain relief, but also by achieving the all-important homeostasis within your body. A balanced body is one that is capable of more rapid healing.

Contact Eugene Wood for Total Body Balancing Treatments

Contact Eugene Wood for Total Body Balancing Treatments
Don't hesitate to contact us today for a consultation to determine if total body balancing therapy is right for you. It might be the solution you're looking for when nothing else has worked. Eugene Wood can help you begin to feel your best again.

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