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Asian Massage Therapy Nassau County NY

Asian Massage Nassau County NY
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Asian Massage Therapist Eugene Wood, Located in Wantagh NY 11793, and Massapequa NY 11758

"I am trained in all areas of Asian Massage modalities, including Shiatsu, Tui-na, or Thai Massage. These are the most popular and well-known used in the United States. Shiatsu is a Japanese form of Asian Massage; the term translates to 'finger pressure,' applied to the muscles of focus."
-Eugene Wood,
Licensed Massage Therapist

Benefits of Asian Massage Therapy

Asian Massage Therapy is a term that operates like a large umbrella; many different techniques could be referred to while using this term. The only connection between the modalities is their general geographic origin -- Asia. Normally, when people refer to Asian Massage, they may be thinking of Shiatsu, which originated in Japan, Tui-na, which is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, or any number of other modalities originating in Thailand, Korea, or India.

As you can see, this term could be applied to many techniques from vastly different regions, so we will focus on the most popular and well-known Asian Massage Therapy used in the United States today. When you see an Asian Massage Therapist specialist, it is likely that they may be trained in one or several modalities, including Shiatsu, Tui-na, or Thai Massage. The actual massage may be combined with other treatments, often including hydrotherapy, or use of water.
  • The Shiatsu therapist may be trained by a particular school of Shiatsu, so the techniques used are often quite different from therapist to therapist. One school of Shiatsu follows the Traditional Chinese paradigm, and another school relies on Western anatomical studies.
  • The Tui-na therapist is trained in the paradigm of Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM, which incorporates massage as an integral part of a larger system of medicine.
It is important to note that this is not considered "alternative" medicine within China as a whole, but it is considered a part of a traditional medicine system based on the five elements in nature. The therapist may use pulse diagnostic techniques to discern which internal organs are weak.

This information will guide their treatment plan as they seek to use gentle twisting and pulling of certain muscles to encourage the internal energies in the body to become balanced again. The ability to positively affect the relationship between the element, such as Water, and the associated organ, such as the Kidney, requires many years of practice and training.

Shiatsu is a Japanese form of massage. The term translates to "finger pressure," although Shiatsu therapists use many techniques including palm compression, stretching, massage with the feet, and energy work. Shiatsu is normally performed on the floor, with the client fully clothed on a futon mat.

Because the Western research model is rarely used to perform studies on any alternative treatments and their benefits, including all forms of massage therapy, it is unlikely that you will find statistics and research papers on this subject. However, many people report feeling more energetic, clear-headed, and obtain relief from pain and stress by using these therapies.

Tui-na is used to relieve the symptoms commonly experienced by people who live stressful lives; however, it also attempts to look for the underlying cause that may bring the symptoms back even after treatment. For example, if they read your pulse and discover that your water pulse is weak at the deep level, you may be asked if there is something going on in your life that is causing you to be afraid.

Depending on the therapeutic approach that the therapist is trained in, as well as the comfort level of the client, they may proceed to practice various techniques that could restore strength to the pulse. The client is likely to experience this as relief from the fear, or even a new perspective about the fear.
Benefits of Asian Massage Therapy
Thai Massage adheres to very old traditional ideas about the connection between pain and stress in the body and the state of health. There are no oils or lotions used in Thai Massage, and it is performed on a mat on the floor.

The client wears loose and comfortable clothing that allows the therapist to perform deep stretching and other various techniques. There is no uniform method of performing Thai Massage, and clients can expect a variety of stylistic differences, depending on the therapist.
All of these treatments are used to relieve pain and stress. Some injuries may cause contra-indications, and some techniques, such as deep pressure on the lower legs, are not used for pregnant women.

Normally, therapists will present their particular credentials in a conspicuous place in their office. Eugene, like many Asian Massage Therapists, takes particular pride in their lineage -- the tradition of passing down information directly from teacher to student. For many, this is more important than the certifications that they may also display.

It is not required for Asian Massage Therapy to be separately licensed in the United States; however, many therapists abide by their state laws concerning the licensing of Massage Therapy in general. These laws change from state to state, sometimes dramatically. It is always a good idea to use your best judgment when selecting an Asian Massage therapist to work with, as the training and competency requirements in this field are as diverse as the people who practice.

Contact Eugene Wood for Asian Massage Treatments

Contact Eugene Wood for Asian Massage Treatments
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