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Massage Therapy for Pain Relief Nassau County NY

Massage Therapy for Pain Relief in Nassau County NY
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Massage Therapist for Pain Relief Eugene Wood, Located in Wantagh NY 11793, and Massapequa NY 11758

"Massage therapy is the art of manipulating the soft-tissue to help patients find relief from chronic pain. A proper massage works to clear waste from the muscles, helping to reduce pain and stiffness in the joints as well as the muscles."
-Eugene Wood,
Licensed Massage Therapist

The Health Benefits of Massage for Pain Relief

People suffering from chronic pain often find that their options are limited. Pain pills offer limited relief for a short time, and as your body builds a resistance to them even that relief will wane. Surgery is an option in some cases, but many doctors hesitate to perform the surgeries on younger people due to the limited life span of limb replacement surgeries.

There are times when it may seem like the only option is to learn how to live with the pain, but with massage therapy for pain relief you don’t have to settle for a life of misery. A massage is the rubbing and pressing of the skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments for relaxation. Massage therapy is the art of manipulating the soft-tissue to help patients find relief from chronic pain. Comforting strokes that are long and smooth are used along with kneading movements and other techniques to help muscles relax and pain dissipate.
Massage Therapist Using The Tapping Technique for Pain Relief
In addition to long strokes and kneading movements, massage therapists will also use tapping movements and vibrations to work the muscles. This therapy has been in used for centuries and is now coming back to the forefront as a legitimate, non-chemical treatment for chronic pain. Muscle therapy was originally used largely in preparation for other treatments, such as exercises.

However, it was found that the massage treatment alone helped to relieve pain. The massaging action improves circulation, bringing more oxygen to the area along with important nutrients.
Massage Therapy for Chronic Pain and Emotional Well-being

Massage Therapy helps to relax the muscles so mobility and flexibility can be improved. It also works to clear waste from the muscles, helping to reduce pain and stiffness in the joints as well as the muscles. Here are some of the specific ailments that massage therapy can successfully treat.
  • Back pain - Massage therapy is a staple in the offices of many chiropractors because it is so widely recognized as being beneficial for back pain.
  • Arthritis - The Arthritis Foundation reports that massage therapy is effective because it helps reduce painful muscle spasms and it aids the body in producing natural endorphins that can also help block pain.
  • Headaches and Migraines – Massages work to reduce stress levels in the body, effectively helping to lower the incidence of headaches, both tension and migraines.
  • Muscle pain - Athletes have known for years the benefit of massage for muscle pains from spasms, strains and even sprains.
  • Stress - It is also no surprise that it is so effective in treating stress related conditions as the massage helps you to relax and unwind.
  • Repetitive strain injuries - Even injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome respond well to massage therapy.
  • Circulatory problems – The massaging action can help stimulate blood flow, relieving circulatory and even respiratory problems.
  • Rehabilitation - Rehabilitation after surgery or injury goes more smoothly when massage therapy is integrated into the treatment plan.
  • Anxiety – The massaging action allows the body to relax, which can help treat anxiety and depression.
  • Stiffness – As the muscle knots are worked out and relieved, pain and stiffness throughout the body can be alleviated.
  • Insomnia – Stress can wreak havoc on the body, including disrupting sleep. As the body is allowed to relax through massage therapy, natural sleep patterns can resume.
  • ADHD – Even children love receiving massage treatments that are relaxing. These treatments can help you child relax and can help ADHD kids control themselves more effectively.
  • Constipation – Massage has the ability to relieve constipation naturally, without any harsh chemicals or dangerous laxatives.
  • Menopause – Hormone therapy isn’t always enough, but massage has the ability to help women find relief from the symptoms of menopause.
  • Enhance natural immunity – Massage stimulates the lymph flow, creating a natural boost to the body’s immune system.
  • Asthma – Children with asthma who receive massages are found to have better pulmonary function and better air flow
Massage therapy for pain relief is a safe, non-invasive treatment method that does not employ the use of dangerous chemicals. There is no danger of addiction, making it appropriate as a long-term treatment choice. Because the body will never develop a tolerance for the treatment, it continues to be effective even with long-term use.

In addition to treating specific ailments, massage also offers the following benefits:
Health Benefits of Pain Relief Massage Therapy
  • Less anxiety
  • Better sleep
  • Increased energy
  • Better circulation throughout the body
  • Less fatigue
  • Improved concentration abilities
  • Greater clarity of mind
  • Better emotional balance
Many medical treatments offer limited effectiveness and increasing the frequency of treatments offers no benefit. Massage, however, is extremely different in that the benefits continue to improve. The more often you receive a massage, the greater the benefits.

There is no doubt that stress and tension can cause problems throughout the body. Reducing those stress levels can allow the body to heal itself and function more effectively. It also helps that the treatments leave you feeling relaxed and at peace.

Massage Therapist for Pain Relief

Massage therapists in New York are required to be licensed. They must be at least 18 years old and be a graduate of a massage therapy program that is registered by the State Education Department. They must have at least 1000 hours of education in subjects such as anatomy, neurology, kinesiology, hygiene, pathology, physiology, mycology, first aid, infection control and CPR.

Therapists who massage for pain in Nassau County and Wantagh, Long Island must also understand what is in the products that they use for massages as well as understanding the theory, technique and practice of western and oriental massage therapy.

Before being issued a license to massage for pain in Nassau County and Wantagh, Long Island, they must also complete at least 150 hours of practice on a willing volunteer.

Contact Eugene Wood for Pain Relief Treatments

Contact Eugene Wood for Pain Relief Treatments
Massages aren’t only for wealthy socialites and Hollywood starlets; they’re not just a nice activity to engage in when on vacation. They are an investment in your health and your future.

Please contact us now to discover what massage therapy for pain relief can do for you. We offer $20 off on the first visit, so call today and make an appointment for your massage for pain in Nassau County, Wantagh, and Massapequa Long Island.

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