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Never Felt Better
I first visited Eugene at his NYC location in 2013 after being in a car accident. I continued the extremely helpful treatment for over 2 years. Due to my busy schedule for the next few years I was not able to continue to see him. Unfortunately my chronic pain was only getting worse during this time. Now I am back with Eugene and have never felt better! Even after the first session it seemed like I was on my way to feeling great pre-car accident days. I highly recommend him to anyone in slight discomfort to excruciating pain. Thanks Eugene!

-Jared P.

A Master In Pain Relief
I first visited Eugene when I was living in NJ. He is really a master in pain relief. He is the reason I started massage therapy and I fell as good as when I was young! He is the person I suggest my friends when they complain about most of any pain.
-Denise L.

Professional and Caring
I would recommend him (Eugene Wood) in a second! I am feeling fantastic as I have been suffering from lower back pain so long. After one session I can't believe how I am feeling. Looking forward getting back to my usual routine and so FORTUNATE to have met Eugene. So Professional and Caring as he knew exactly where the back issues existed I even informed him. Thank you as I am looking forward to the path of healing!
Seaford, NY

Would Recommend Eugene to Anyone

Eugene is amazingly caring. He has helped me regain most of the mobility I had lost due to arthritis in the hip and a severely broken ankle. He suggests stretches and exercises I can do at home to help me stay flexible. I have become a believer in the value of therapeutic massage and would recommend Eugene to anyone.
Rockville Centre, NY

Things Are Looking Up
You gave me the right words about flattening my "pot belly". When I pull up instead of just "in", my upper body pivots more upright, I can engage the glutes more, and I have less pain on the right side rear. Most important, I realize that I was trying to use back muscles to get myself erect, and I felt they were not strong enough. I was focusing on the wrong muscles! I have to focus more on what muscles I am using, and it takes more attention than I realized before. I have not gotten back on the exercise ball since soon after I saw you, but I will when I get back from vacation. I will focus more on those muscles before I see you again. It does take longer for the "impossible".

Here's a fan letter!
With the flexibility you gave me this morning, I can drive more like I used to do. I can pivot on my heel to get from gas to brake. After surgery, I had to lift the whole leg from the hip to brake, and I was not always smooth driving because of that. I was concerned that it took me a fraction of a second longer that it used to do, to brake. Now I have a way of continuing to stretch and strengthen, all through daily activities, while driving. I still have to be very conscious that I get my right heel on the floor as a pivot. Yippee!!

You Have Restored My Life
I am forever grateful to have found Eugene.  The simple task of sitting more then 10 minutes has become unbearable.  I was so fed with the pain and the fear of pain I looked on the Internet for a trigger point therapist. Eugene was free that Saturday afternoon! It was like my angels answered my prayer.  I knew that first visit that he was what I needed.  After a few sessions I began to feel normal.  However like an onion I had many layers that needed to be peeled.  I want to thank Eugene from the bottom of my heart.  You have restored my life, as I have had to restore my house from super storm Sandy.  It has been quite a ride, I am lucky you were there to get me though. Thank you.
Baldwin, NY

My Neck Feels Better Than It Has Since 2007
Hello my Dear Eugene, Hope you are having a good day. I wanted to let you know that my neck feels better than it has since...I dunno, maybe 2007?? Seriously. It feels looser and free-er than before I started seeing you. Thank you thank you! The rhomboid/scapula/trapezoid stuff we did yest freed up the neck. I still felt some tension/pain in the neck last nite and i put pressure on that knotty spot, while moving my neck around in diff't directions and it just dissolved. POOF! See you next week. :) Hugs,
Wantagh, NY

Can't Thank You Enough
I felt compelled to tell you that my experience today with you was nothing short of miraculous...physically, emotionally, spiritually. I prayed to God to please send me someone who could help heal my physical body, that I was ready to let go of the pain. The healing I experienced with you today went far beyond the physical. I knew I had layers and chunks of frozen, stored up pain because of how much it hurt physically, but when you began to release it I realized how much deeper it went. Your intuition and insight into my emotional pain and my past was so spot on that the one only reason I didn't go into complete shock was because it just felt so right. I thought "right, he knows. Eugene gets it. and he gets me." I felt so able to fully be myself with you and 100% safe in every way. I felt understood, accepted and loved. I can't thank you enough. I look forward to whatever lies ahead and am so immensely grateful to have found you.
-Alex E.

He Knows How to Make it Feel Better
Eugene is an excellent massage therapist. His calm, supportive personality makes the client feel at ease. He’s always fully aware of the client’s reaction to every part of the experience; the sight, smell, and sound as well as the touch. Most importantly, when something hurts, he knows how to make it feel better.
-Debi T.
New York City

He Knows Exactly Where the Pain Is
I really love the work Eugene does.  When I go to him, I feel very comfortable and it’s like he can read my mind and knows exactly where my pain is. My tail bone was out of place and he worked the muscles to pop it back in. I feel whatever problem anyone has he will find it and know how to help.
-J. Hicks
Long Island

I Trust Myself in His Hands
From the first moment he started massaging me, I felt he knew he was doing. In the first minute of a 10 minute session, I felt like "this guy's good!" I couldn't get back to him for a session fast enough. He noticed tension in areas that the other massage therapists I've had have completely missed. His whole focus is on finding those spots, and he's completely diligent. I trust myself in his hands. In fact, I have some tender or ticklish areas, and his touch is so right that I neither felt pain or got the giggles.
-Kam M.
Wantagh, NY

Relief from Chronic Back Pain
Massage therapist only starts to describe Eugene Wood’s ability to facilitate the healing process. His extensive knowledge of the body’s anatomy and energy pathways, coupled with his intuitive nature, create a remarkable healing experience. With Eugene’s commitment to helping his clients release deep seated pain, stress, and tension, I have found relief from chronic, constricting back pain. While the physical body relaxes, I have also found emotions stored on a cellular level have discharged, as well. Eugene is a gifted healer.
-T. Smith

Therapeutic Massage was the Approach I needed
I was having trouble concentrating at work, and a friend recommended that I try a therapeutic massage. After my initial skeptical reaction, I found Eugene Wood and told him about my situation. The day after my session was remarkably productive. Eugene recommended four separate sessions, and I agreed to his program. The difference in my ability to concentrate and my improved sleep has changed my life. Therapeutic massage was the revolutionary approach to my health that I needed.
-R. Davies
Long Island

I Have My Life Back
Following the death of my spouse, my panic attacks became unmanageable. I was reading about different approaches for handling stressful events when I found a recommendation for Asian Massage. Since nothing else had addressed the situation, I visited Eugene Wood and shared my story. The first session was used to diagnose my body’s struggle with stress. In subsequent sessions, Eugene helped me release my fears and learn some coping techniques. Now, I have my life back.
-Jane S.
Wantagh, NY

I Was Amazed How Much Better I Slept that Night
About six months into my new sales position, I noticed that my back and neck were constantly stiff and sore. An old friend suggested that I find a Swedish massage therapist. Since I did not have time to argue, I found Eugene Wood through another friend and went to my first session. I was amazed how much better I slept that night. We set up a regular schedule for my massage sessions when I am in town.
-B. McKarrin

I Have Stopped Taking Pain Meds
My love for tennis was stopped cold last fall when I strained my back during a tournament. After failing to find relief through traditional methods, I found Eugene Wood and described the circumstances to him. His first concern was that the diagnosis was complete and then he started a sports massage program. I have stopped taking pain meds and started playing tennis again. My massage sessions are less frequent, but the program continues to strengthen my back.
-Dale K.
Garden City, Long Island

After Three Sessions, My Headaches Subsided
Nearly 10 years after a severe car accident, I started to have chronic headaches that the doctor could not explain. I visited Eugene Wood because of a friend’s recommendation. He started asking some questions and asked me if I had ever had a massage. I remembered that most therapists did not have the strength to reach the tightest muscles in my shoulders and neck. He described the deep tissue massage technique and after three sessions, my headaches subsided.
-Karin L.
New York City

Helps Recovers from Stroke
Shortly after my mother had a mild stroke, I noticed that one side of her face began to draw unnaturally. I contacted Eugene Wood to find out if myofascial release therapy could help. He asked us to visit his office so that he could assess the situation. After four sessions, her face looked more natural. She has continued the massage program and asked Eugene to address some muscle groups that she felt had been affected by the stroke.
-H. Mildrew
Long Island

First Good Night of Sleep in Months
Years of computer use had created a sensation of fire in my forearms. After receiving a medical diagnosis of repetitive strain, I decided that trigger point massage might be more effective than any other approach. During my first session with Eugene Wood, he discovered that the trigger points were in my shoulders. His first treatment provided my first good night of sleep in months. I am amazed that this technique has relieved my pain.

-Arnold A.

A New Lease on Life
I have lived with the constant pain of fibromyalgia for twenty five years and had come to believe that nothing could ever address the pain. Eugene Wood recommended neuromuscular therapy in a series of appointments. After the first appointment, I stopped taking my pain medications that had become a part of my daily routine. By the third appointment, I was telling other friends about this miraculous approach to pain. I have a new lease on life.

-Jenny D.
New York City

Migraines Gone
My battles with migraines started when I was a teenager, and there were days that I could not even get out of bed. My cousin recommended that I talk with Eugene Wood about his CranioSacral massage therapy. Even though I doubted that massage could change my situation, I made an appointment. One session provided relief from a migraine headache that I had that very day. Since my third session last week, I have not had another migraine.

-Victor N.
Wantagh, NY

Improved Quality of Life
Years of excruciating pain for a full week every month drove me to find a solution to my endometriosis. The traditional approach that included a hysterectomy and hormone replacement therapy was unacceptable to me. Eugene Wood told me about visceral manipulation therapy and his success with reducing the impact of endometriosis in other patients. He designed a massage program that brought some early results and continues to improve my quality of life.
-Tara M.
Long Island

Off Pain Relief Medications
Arthritis runs in our family and in my early 40s I began to have trouble with my knees and hips. I had tried various exercise programs and was ready to give up when I found Eugene Wood. The massage therapy program he wrote for me has provided relief from stiffness in my joints that had driven older relatives to joint replacement surgery. Consistent massage sessions prevent the use of pain relief medications that would cause other health issues.

-Vivian C.

Helpful to Reduce Pain
All of my life I have battled different health conditions that were never relieved by traditional medicine. During my first appointment with Eugene Wood, he laid out a program that would address each challenge in a logical order. Each type of massage has been applied in a helpful way to reduce my pain. Pain medications are no longer necessary and my quality of life is better than ever. I have adopted an exercise routine that I never thought possible.
-Allison C.
New York City

Each Appointment Addresses My Needs
When I first met Eugene Wood, his calm demeanor allowed me to relax while he worked on my back and neck. I had never found a massage therapist with strong enough hands to relieve the pain that had become a part of my daily life. My active lifestyle creates the need for a consistent massage program that addresses various muscle groups. Each appointment is focused on whichever massage method he deems necessary to address my aches and pains.
-Paul D.

Eugene is a Miracle Worker!
I am a little accident prone. Unfortunately I seem to visit Eugene when I'm in trouble: broken foot, horrible sciatica, stiff neck, shoulder problems etc....but he always manages to diagnosis the root of my pain and fix it. When I was misdiagnosed at the orthopedic, Eugene gave me a treatment that at least allowed me to walk pain free for a few days....and that was with a broken foot/ankle.  He's a miracle worker!!!
-Allison S.
Seaford, NY

After Only a Few Sessions, My Hip Felt Great
When I scheduled my first massage with Eugene for "piriformis syndrome" I was skeptical that massage could treat what had been causing me hip pain for more than a month. My doubts quickly dissolved. Not only did Eugene genuinely listen to my concerns, asking all the right questions to pin-point my pain, but he pulled out an anatomy book to show me exactly what was going on with my muscles. He showed me stretches to do at home, and followed up the next day to see how I was doing. After only a few sessions, my hip felt great. Yet I continue to see Eugene, walking away each time not only in less pain, but empowered with the knowledge to heal myself.
-Elizabeth C.
Brooklyn, NY

The Benefits of His Massages Extend into My Day-to-day Wellness
Eugene has a great awareness of the body and really understands how to promote healing within it. He really listened to what my concerns/needs were, and then used his knowledge to explain how he would proceed, given all the information. I felt as though he was invested in figuring out what treatment would be useful for me, and he explained what he was doing as he went. He was also open to my questions. The benefits of his massages extend into my day-to-day wellness because Eugene also helped me to understand what’s going on with my muscles and joints. I felt so much better after my massage. I can't thank him enough!
-Joanne D.
Long Island, NY

Pains In My Shoulders Simply Melt Away
Eugene has such magical hands, the knots in my neck, the pains in my shoulders simply melt away. Thanks Eugene for bringing balance to my body mind and soul!

-Sandra McCarty
Freeport, NY
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