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Acupressure Treatments Nassau County NY

Acupressure Treatments Nassau County NY
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"With an origin in China thousands of years ago, Acupressure treatments are one of the oldest forms of promoting wellness throughout the body and mind, used to treat many illnesses and increase relaxation. The principal used in Acupressure is the same as that of acupuncture. This method is considered an Asian bodywork therapy and was created within traditional Chinese medicine."
-Eugene Wood,
Licensed Massage Therapist

The Health Benefits of Acupressure

It is believed that the human body has channels or meridians that run through it, managing various things such as energy levels, pain, thought process, and function. Acupressure treatments use these meridians and channels to access and control body function. This network of channels connects from your fingers and toes throughout the body to the brain. It is thought that there are twelve of these network connectors. The energy that is believed to flow through them is called qi (ch'i). 

In order for the body and mind to be healthy, these channels must be clear and running freely. Blockage of qi in the body can cause a person to be off-balance, bringing on illness. Applying pressure at a specific location and with a particular amount of pressure can restore the flow of the qi, leading to a healthier body. The actual pressure is applied in a variety of ways. An Acupressure massage therapist might use fingers, elbows, the palms of the hand, or even feet to reach the affected area fully. For some, the use of tools developed specifically for these pressure points is used. In many cases, stretching and massage is combined with the pressure. 

The purpose of acupressure is to channel the energy to the necessary locations and to balance the negative and positive energy (yin and yang) within the body. Many people believe that the energy fields in the body control the physical body as well as the mind, spirit, and emotions. Others believe that while there are benefits to acupressure, it is most likely related to the improved circulation, reduction in tension to the muscles and stimulation of endorphins that work to bring about a positive mindset and reduction in pain.

With hundreds of acupressure points throughout the body, it would be difficult to name them all. Some of them include the following:
Acupressure Points by Acupressure Massage Therapist Eugene Wood, Located in Wantagh NY 11793, and Massapequa NY 11758
  • Spleen 6: A space above your inner anklebone that is approximately the width of three fingers.
  • Large Intestine 4: A soft web of skin that runs between your thumb and forefinger.
  • Liver 3: The area between your big toe and your second toe.
There are a number of ailments and conditions that can be reduced or relieved with Acupressure. The following are just a few of those:


Many types of pain can be relieved by acupressure including back pain, headache, lower and upper back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain and even pain due to a recent surgery. For headache pain and some relief from migraine symptoms, many believe that pressure on LI4 can be beneficial. 


It is believed that nausea caused by chemotherapy in cancer patients can be relieved with the help of acupressure. Additionally, the use of these techniques can improve energy levels and relieve or reduce pain. While there is no claim that the acupressure will cure cancer, it is thought to help relieve many of the related symptoms. 

Depression and Anxiety

While there is some controversy of whether acupressure can relieve depression, it is believed by many that pressure points at the back of the neck, as well as some at the shoulder blades on the back, can help to promote feelings of peace and remove feelings of despair. This can provide relief from those suffering from depression, as well as reduce the stress and anxiety levels. 


Due to the release of endorphins promoted by acupressure, individuals suffering from arthritis can often find relief. Additionally, during acupressure the body releases natural anti-inflammatories reducing the pain. These pressure points depend upon where the arthritis is located. Some of these points are located at the back of the neck, on the top of the hand, and at the inside of the elbow.

Nausea and/or Vomiting

Acupressure can relieve nausea, helping those suffering from morning sickness, illness-related nausea, as well as motion sickness. This can help when traveling great distances either in a car, on the water or in a plane. This pressure point is P6 and pressure is applied on the inside of the wrist where the palm of your hand meets your arm. This region between the large tendons that run up the arm is where firm, but gentle pressure will be applied for 30 seconds to two minutes.

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Acupressure massage therapy treatments can provide a person with a targeted means of reducing pain, stress and general poor health. It can help you to maintain positive energy levels and promote positive thinking as well as peace of mind.

If you have any of these symptoms, please contact me to see if acupressure treatments and massage therapy will be effective in relieving them.

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