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Frozen Shoulder

Massage Therapy for Frozen Shoulder Nassau County NY

Massage Therapy for Frozen Shoulder
Frozen Shoulder Massage Therapist Eugene Wood, Located in Wantagh NY 11793, and Massapequa NY 11758
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Frozen Shoulder Massage Therapist Eugene Wood, Located in Wantagh NY 11793, and Massapequa NY 11758

"A frozen shoulder results in inconvenient pain and stiffness in your shoulder joint, leading to a loss of shoulder mobility. It may eventually resolve itself after several years, but massage therapy can speed recovery and provide fast and long-lasting relief in the process."
-Eugene Wood,
Licensed Massage Therapist

The Health Benefits of Frozen Shoulder Massage Therapy

Our shoulders are made up of bones, tendons, and ligaments - as are all of the joints in our body. In our shoulders, these are encased in what is known as the shoulder capsule or socket. The capsule is made of connective tissues, in which the joint rotates. Sometimes the tissue of the capsule will become gradually thicker. When this happens, it slowly tightens around the shoulder joint resulting in pain and a decreased range of motion. Why it thickens is still a mystery, but it typically presents itself following recovery from an injury that prevented the use of the arm for a prolonged amount of time.

Typical treatments for a frozen shoulder include corticosteroid and other numbing medicine injections directly into the joint capsule. Some people also turn to costly arthroscopic surgery to regain their mobility. Others resort to frequently taking over-the-counter pain medications. Massage therapy for frozen shoulder is a safe and effective alternative to all of these treatments.
The Health Benefits of Frozen Shoulder Massage Therapy
What Causes Frozen Shoulder?

Frozen shoulders typically develop quite gradually. Usually, it will appear in three stages and only in one shoulder. Each stage can last a varying number of months depending on the individual and cause of the condition. Many sufferers also report worsening pain at night. The three stages are:
  • Freezing
  • Frozen
  • Thawing
The Freezing Stage is characterized by any shoulder movement resulting in some degree of pain. You may start to notice slightly stiffness and your range of motion becoming just slightly limited.

The Frozen stage is associated with diminished pain but increased stiffness. Moving your shoulder might be extremely difficult, and your range of motion is significantly impaired. Some people end up completely unable to move their arm.

The Thawing stage is the final stage. Your range of motion will begin to return slowly and pain will decrease until it becomes non-existent. Reaching this stage can sometimes take years.

A frozen shoulder massage therapist can help you to move quickly through the stages and reach the Thawing stage much faster than leaving the condition untreated. You won't need to turn to repeated use of other-the-counter pain medications, and massage therapy is much safer than injections and surgery. It is also a much more affordable option as well.

Regular massage treatments relieve stress and trigger the release of the body's natural pain relievers. With the pain relieved, it is easier for you to do simple arm movements that help you to maintain your range of motion. If you seek massage therapy soon enough in the Freezing stage, you may even be able to prevent total loss of shoulder mobility. Massage will also help to loosen up the stiffening joint if you have already entered the frozen stage.

Your frozen shoulder massage therapist will work with you to evaluate your condition to ensure the best, most effective treatment for you.

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Contact Eugene Wood Frozen Shoulder Massage Therapy Treatments
Don't hesitate to contact me today if you are suffering from a frozen shoulder. A message therapist for frozen shoulder can help you move quickly down the road to recovery no matter the cause of your loss of shoulder mobility. We have two Nassau County, Long Island locations, one in Wantagh and one in Massapequa, and offer a $20.00 discount on your first visit.

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